edit (verb):  to select, emend and revise (as literary material) to make suitable for a particular purpose
proofread (verb):  to read and mark corrections in a proof or other printed or written matter
success (noun):  a result fully in accordance with one's desires: favorable termination of a venture


Anyone can tell you your manuscript's not working.
We'll tell you how to fix it. We're pros. We're fast.
And we guarantee our work.

expert (noun):  one having special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience
guarantee (noun):  an expressed assurance of the quality of service offered
satisfaction (noun):  complete fulfillment of a need or want : attainment of a desired end


You know your manuscript by heart. That may be the problem.
We'll edit it objectively—and help you bring out the brilliance.

perspective (noun):  the interrelation in which parts of a subject are mentally viewed from a particular standpoint
experience (noun):  the state, extent, duration, or result of being engaged in a particular activity
copy editor (noun):  one who revises, corrects, or arranges matter to be set up for printing

We Make Your Good Work Great

We make your document the best it can be through professional editing, proofreading, feedback and critique.

We have been going that since 2008 by offering to our growing list of more than 3,000 satisfied clients:

clockFully Guaranteed Turnaround Times;

checkmarkExceptional Editing; and

editorDirect Access to Our Team of Dedicated Editors.

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We Offer Services Others Don't

Just having a document proofread doesn't make it better; it just makes it more correct.

Many times clients initially ask for only Basic Proofreading but quickly realize that our Complete Editing With Comments service offers the kind of insight and depth essential to making a good document great.

Then, of course, there are those applying for medical residency, law school or other graduate program. They come to us because of our expertise in personal statements.

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We're Committed to Your Success

You are not just another customer, and your document is not just another manuscript. We take your work personally. Our editors are hand picked, tested rigorously and dedicated to getting it right and on time.

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Who Is Our DLA Team?

We are a team of dedicated, in-house, expert editors. We do not use freelancers.

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