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While the following guidelines are intended specifically for writing personal statements for medical residency and medical fellowship in the U.S., these same concepts apply to personal statements for all other programs as well.

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Antonia Reyes: An Everyday Wonder Woman

everyday wonder woman

“That's not fair!” Antonia Reyes would protest when she perceived her parents treating her differently from her two sisters. She would often also say it when she saw a stranger being treated unfairly and wanted to help.  Growing up in California’s San Fernando Valley, Antonia’s sense of justice came from Saturday morning cartoons. She loved the superheroes and the League of Justice, and as she watched them stand up for others, she became outspoken in standing up for others, too.

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Is It Plagiarism to Get My Paper Edited?

Is it plagiarism to have your paper, dissertation, thesis, capstone project or essay edited? The answer depends on what is being done in the editing.

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