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Antonia Reyes: An Everyday Wonder Woman

  “That’s not fair!” Antonia Reyes would protest when she perceived her parents treating her differently from her two sisters. She would often also say it when she saw a stranger being treated unfairly and wanted to help.  Growing up … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Year Makes!

In the year since we launched our specialized ERAS Application Editing/Feedback services, DLA Editors & Proofers have become a popular option among those applying for medical residency. In September 2015 alone, we saw a 10% increase in requests for our … Continue reading

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Choosing Your Attitude: The Benefit of Arrogance in a Personal Statement

  You can have all the right content, but if your personal statement does not convey the right attitude, it will all be for naught.  No matter what you describe, the tone you select, whether positive or negative, humble or … Continue reading

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Crafting a Compelling Personal Statement, and Why How You Start Matters

  No one wants to write a terrible personal statement.  No one wants to know that his was the one that made the program director roll his eyes, or that hers was the one to cause her residency application to … Continue reading

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Personal Statement Red Flags: Turning Blemishes Into Bright Spots

  There are no personality traits more attractive in a candidate than self-awareness, confidence and humility.  And nothing makes these traits more attractive than the barriers the candidate had to overcome to obtain them.   Red flags come in many … Continue reading

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Is Your Personal Statement Service a Scam?

This morning I had one of the most enjoyable phone calls I have ever had from a potential client.  His question:  How do I know your services are not a scam?   My caller went on to explain that he … Continue reading

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The Noble Art of Using Magical Words in a Personal Statement

  I will never forget the call I received two years ago from an international medical graduate from Hungary asking for me please to give him the “magical words” for his personal statement.  It was August, 2013, and he was … Continue reading

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The Myth of the One-Page Personal Statement

  We hear it all the time from candidates applying for medical residency: my personal statement has to be one page. One of my attendings told me so. A program director told me so. It is the recommendation of the … Continue reading

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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

From job applications to applications for graduate school and medical residency, letters of recommendation are critical to the success of the candidate.  Their purpose is simple: to show a personal view of the candidate from a trusted, relatively objective, third … Continue reading

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How to Use Metaphors Successfully in a Personal Statement

  One of the greatest challenges every candidate faces when applying for fellowship or residency training, graduate school or college is deciding what to write in their personal statements. The next greatest challenge is how to write it.  Everyone wants … Continue reading

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