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Book Editing Matters When Wanting to Get Published

From writing your first word, the goal for your book has probably been publication. Chances are that you have poured your heart into your project, evaluating every decision along the way. Even with these efforts, the best book editing services will make the difference in whether your manuscript will get published.  While the cost of book editing is often an impediment to emerging authors, at DLA Editors & Proofers, we offer the highest quality editing services at an affordable price, so you can save your money for what will be needed next: marketing.

Authors looking to have their books edited have traditionally had only two choices. On the one hand are companies that offer high volume book editing services at the cheapest price possible. Of course, the quality of their work—as is often the case—reflects the fees they charge for it. The other option is to pay the steep price of a freelancer whose fee is high because of the limited time he or she has available for giving you the in-depth look your book deserves. At DLA Editors and Proofers, we give you a third option: the best book editing services a freelancer could give but with the reliability, prices and turnaround times closer to those of the high-volume companies.

You don't need someone else to tell your story. You need someone both to correct the minor mistakes and to suggest the subtle changes that will get your book noticed, for all the right reasons. Skipping on getting the best book editing services for your manuscript can make the difference between getting your book accepted and having it forgotten in the slush pile.  When it comes to the goal of getting your book published, there is no better investment that you can make.

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