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Success Stories are the best stories

From getting an agent to getting published, growing an audience to growing a business, getting matched to getting a PhD--and everything in between--when you succeed, we succeed.

See a few of our clients' success stories below.

Got a dream to achieve?


Chien-Wen Yang, an IMG from Taiwan, talks about using DLA's services for her personal statement for internal medicine residency, a master of science and a glomerular diseases fellowship.


Allen Braddock, a tax attorney with ExxonMobil, talks about using DLA's developmental editing services for his first book, a novel of historical fiction set during the Roman/Byzantine Empire.


Media strategist and event architect Dayla Santurri talks about using DLA's editing services as an essential tool in her toolkit for delivering the highest quality service to her for-profit and nonprofit clients.


Dr. Kendra Outler, an anesthesiologist and long-time lecturer on the issue of health disparity in our health care system, talks about using DLA's services, including for her new project, a health and wellness magazine, Uzima.


Priya Sorab, a medical student at the University of Cincinnati Medical School, talks about using DLA’s services for help with her personal statement to match in the very competitive field of opthalmalogy.


Kai Tubb, an international medical graduate from Ross University School of Medicine, talks about using DLA's services for his personal statement to overcome being an IMG and having low Step scores and match into emergency medicine residency.


Daniela Haehn is an IMG from Colombia who had 5 years since graduating from medical school, during which time she did only research. She talks about using DLA's services for her personal statement and ERAS application to overcome these red flags and match into urology residency.


Brian Fielkow, speaker, writer and CEO of JETCO Delivery, talks about using DLA's editing services to grow JETCO's business as well as his role as a national thought leader.


Writer, teacher and community advocate Joel Goza talks about using DLA's nonfiction copyediting service to get an agent, get published, build his career and establish his platform.

We are committed to your success.

When you become a DLA client, helping you achieve your goal becomes our goal. Our editors are handpicked not just for their ability to proofread, edit and evaluate a text, but also for a genuine passion to see you succeed.

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Got a dream to achieve?

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