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How to Shop for Affordable Manuscript Editing Services

All types of businesses—no matter how small or large—operate on a budget. Your ability to spend smartly on the items and services you need to grow your business will go a long way in determining the success of your business. … Continue reading

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Importance of a Professional Book Editing Service with Ghostwriting

Thanks to the many freelance ghostwriters available online today, much of the writing we read online and in print is not the work of the author listed. Ghostwriting is nothing new, giving those who have little time—or the writing talent … Continue reading

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Fit Professional Manuscript Editing Into Your Budget

An aspiring writer may not have a lot of money with which to promote his or her writing. In fact many look to contests and competitions as a way of getting published with little or no investment. When you are … Continue reading

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Professional Manuscript Editing Services for Online Submissions

Many parts of the publishing process can be managed online. This includes sending query letters, entering writing contests, and getting professional manuscript editing services for your writing. For many writers who have just finished a novel, short story or screenplay, … Continue reading

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Even Editors Turned Writers Can Use Professional Book Editing Services

It isn’t unusual for writers to be proficient in editing, as well as other aspects of the English language. You may have worked as an editor before striking out on your own as a writer, or you may have edited … Continue reading

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The Best Book Editing Services Matter When Wanting to Get Published

From writing your first word, the goal for your book has probably been publication. Chances are that you have poured your heart into your project, evaluating every decision along the way. Even with these efforts, the best book editing services … Continue reading

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Prioritize Pre-Writing to Make Any Writing Easier

A common mistake that many writers make is either skimping on the amount of time they spend pre-writing or skipping the process altogether. As any professional editing and proofreading service knows, pre-writing can be one of the most useful tools … Continue reading

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