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Use Professional Copy Editing to Kick Start Your Writing

While writer’s block can be frustrating, sometimes all it takes is a boost from a professional copy editing service.  If you are having trouble with where to go next with your novel or other book-length manuscript—or even a personal statement, paper or essay—try one or two of the five prompts below.  They may not be exactly on your topic, but often the simple act of writing is enough to get you back on track with one of your own ideas.  You can use these or any other prompts you like.  They are a great way to kick-start your writing, no matter how far into it you are.

Beyond using prompts, another great way to kick-start your writing is to submit it for review by a professional copy editing service.  Experienced copy editors are experts at taking your writing to the next step, no matter where you are in the process.  The professional copy editing service they offer can give you a second wind or simply a strong sense of encouragement at a time when you need it most, whether you find yourself stuck or feeling completely lost.  Doing this for a novel or other book-length manuscript can also help you build a relationship with a book editing service that will serve you well as you continue developing your novel or nonfiction manuscript.

  1. Your main character is wandering in a forest and comes across a dragon.
  2. A man is sitting in Central Park working on a crossword in a newspaper when an old acquaintance walks by.
  3. An old farmer is harvesting his winter wheat crop when he finds something odd in his field.
  4. A college student receives an unusual care package.
  5. A cat is sitting on a wall watching a seemingly ordinary family …
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