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Importance of Professional Editing for Ghostwriters

Thanks to the many freelance ghostwriters available online today, much of the writing we read online and in print is not the work of the author listed. Ghostwriting is nothing new, giving those who have little time—or the writing talent to complete their own work—the ability to express their ideas or tell their stories. Some of these would-be writers may create most or all of the content for their books before looking for a ghostwriter to improve the quality of their writing. While this is a popular and convenient way of taking your writing to a higher level, your work is not ready for submission until you have run the final manuscript through a professional book editing service.

Even the most experienced writers—those who have a number of books to their credit—know the difference that a professional book editing service will make on the final copy of any manuscript. Relying on the quality of another writer’s abilities is risky. Even if you have had the same writer helping you with your work for a long time, you should not expect the final result always to be consistent in style or syntax, or free of error. Your reputation and the acceptance of your book will depend on the professional book editing services you choose.

Some writers think they can get away with only using a proofreader to look over the final work to catch the errors that a ghostwriter might have left behind. They may even try to serve as their own proofreaders before submitting their books. The problem with these practices is that they are likely to catch only obvious errors in spelling or grammar, or the mistakes that have garbled their stories. Books that have been ghostwritten require a professional book editing service to address the syntax, grammar, word use, and every other area of the writing that will make the difference between a book that gets rejected and one that is a masterpiece.

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