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Get Inspired by Great Novel Editing and Expert Feedback

Nothing leads to a greater feeling for a writer than being inspired and writing with unstoppable furor. The words seem to come to you faster than you can write them down. Often there is no better way to start than getting great novel editing on your draft.

Think about it: One easy way to get bogged down in your writing is to be concerned about proofreading or editing your work as you go along. Actually, we advise against it.  Especially when writing your first draft, you do not want to lose focus by worrying over which particular word to use. Even the most talented writers know the best approach is simply to get the words out onto the paper, then rely on great novel editing to give you valuable feedback and a clear direction for the rewrites. Once those are done, great novel editing can put the final polish on your manuscript to make your text shine.

Another concern novelists have is they don't want some editor to come along and completely change the voice and style of the writing to the editor's own. By contrast, great novel editing provided by mature editors will make all their changes within your voice and style, not impose theirs.  These novel editors are also the ones who can give you the honest, objective feedback you need to take your manuscript to the next level.

At DLA Editors & Proofers, we take the professional approach successful novelists look for.  Our novel editors devote themselves personally to each manuscript they edit to give you the great novel editing you need. Even when you write your story with ease, our editors can point out subtle though significant changes to enhance your manuscript.  The result will be a novel that meets—and often exceeds—the high standards you have for it.

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