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More Tips for Writing a Dissertation or Thesis

In a previous post, we gave you several tips to help you with writing your dissertation before sending it to a professional dissertation editing service.  Our clients come to us at many different stages in the process of writing their dissertations.  Some are only at the proposal stage and want our assistance every step of the way, while others have already received initial feedback from their mentors or review committees and need our help on the completed draft.  Many of this last group have everything else in place but need help with the APA style.  Here are a few more ideas to help gain the approval you are seeking for this important step in your graduate education:

  • Consider putting your ideas on note cards or—for the digital world—in a PowerPoint presentation. Doing so can help you stay organized and focused in your writing, and provide you a much needed road map for your work.

  • If you need to use a particular style, like APA, that you are having trouble mastering, try not to get hung up on it.  To keep it from bogging you down, just give it a best guess and move on.  Remember: You can always hire a professional dissertation editing service to help with issues like APA style editing.  Therefore, focus instead on the content of your dissertation, and making sure you can get that in the best condition possible.

  • Once you have the content where you want it to the best of your ability, use a professional dissertation editing service to tie up any loose ends.  Such an editing service can not only take care of any APA style issues, but also help address any initial feedback you have received from your mentor or review committee.  A fresh set of eyes can often be all that is needed to help get your dissertation ready for approval.
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