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Follow These Tips for Writing a Good Paper Before You Hand It In

If you are have trouble writing an undergraduate or graduate paper, you should consider engaging the help of a professional paper editing service. Such services, like those provided by DLA Editors & Proofers, can point out errors you have missed and strengthen areas of your writing where you struggle.  They can do this before you need to submit your paper and therefore help you achieve a higher grade on it.

The first step is to make sure your work is in the best shape you can make it. This will help your editor focus on the issues needing the most attention in your paper. Here are a few tips to help improve the quality of your paper before you submit it to a professional paper editing service:

  • Plan ahead to allow yourself enough time to write your paper. You will need time to work on it, leave it alone for a while, then come back to it to think of anything you might have missed.  This will help you see both your thoughts and paper clearly.

  • Avoid using a dictionary or thesaurus, particularly in the first draft.  The best writing uses the author's natural vocabulary to express his or her ideas.  Each word choice carries with it the personality and intent of the writer, and serves as the foundation of his or her writing style.  Any element of the writing that does not fit with this style will cause the writing to suffer, as well as the impression it has on your reader.

  • Make sure to avoid basic proofreading errors throughout your paper. For example, do not confuse "its" with "it’s," or "they’re," "there" and "their." Small errors like this will be sure to hurt your grade, and represent just a few of the many ways a professional paper editing service can help before turning in your paper.
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