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5 Grammar Tips for a Great Valentines Day Date

No matter if it’s a first date or a 401st date, everyone wants to look his or her best on Valentine’s Day. Planning the right restaurant, the right clothes and the right flowers are a great start, but what about what you say?

Speaking correctly is the perfect way to make a great first—or 401st—impression, and to ensure your Valentine’s Day date is a memorable one, for all the right reasons.

See what happens, for example, when you put your modifiers in the right place.  Instead of saying that you have “only eyes” for your significant other (which means you have only eyes and nothing else!), say that you have “eyes for only” your significant other.

Also, try catching the attention of your special date by using “amount” for items that cannot be counted (as in “the amount of love I have for you”) and “number” for items that can be counted (as in “the number of times I get that wrong”).

Show how much you care for the special person in your life by thinking carefully about what you say this Valentine’s Day.  Speaking correctly is an often overlooked opportunity to show how attractive you are.

Get a head start by checking out these five grammar tips in our Valentine’s Day infographic.  Take a look now, and perhaps you’ll be able to think of even more examples to add to your list before your special occasion.

5 Grammar Tips to Say What You Mean This Valentine's Day
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