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How to Write a Personal Statement

Written by David Lombardino  |  Updated March 12, 2024

Note From David Lombardino

I know just how challenging it can be to write a compelling personal statement, and how much is on the line when doing so. Since 2008, I've helped applicants like you, from a variety of backgrounds and experiences–and in some cases having to overcome significant red flags–to gain life-changing acceptance to highly competitive opportunities in a variety of fields.

On this page, I have collected some of my insight into what makes an outstanding personal statement. This insight is intended to help get your thoughts going in the right direction, as opposed to providing a comprehensive or detailed understanding, or one tailored to your particular application.

I offer that type of assistance via our professional personal statement development and editing services.

Below, you will find content organized as follows:

  • Advice for Personal Statements: Covers the basic principles of writing a personal statement.
  • From Our Blog: Delves into various specific topics related to personal statements.
  • On YouTube: Provides additional insight on topics related to writing a personal statement.

While some of this content may focus on a particular category like medical residency, medical fellowship or law school, the principles discussed in each will apply no matter what opportunity you are seeking.

If you have any questions about this content or how our professional services can help you achieve an outstanding personal statement, feel free to email me, and I will be happy to answer them.

We are committed to your success.

When you become a client of DLA Editors & Proofers, your goal becomes our goal. Our editors are handpicked not just for their speed, expertise and reliability, but also for a genuine passion to see you succeed.

Still have questions? We would love to hear about your goals and collaborate with you in achieving them. Speak with one of our editors today over the phone, by live chat or via email.

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