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Use this page to see the fees and delivery options for your project, with links to what each service covers, along with answers to common questions related to pricing and turnaround.

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For Academics
Dissertations, Theses & Capstone Projects; Journal Articles; Papers & Essays
For Applicants
Personal Statements; Application Essays; CVs; ERAS Applications; LORs; etc.
For Businesses
Reports; Presentations; RFQs/RFPs; Employee Guides; Websites; Bios; etc.
For Marketers
Press Releases; Blog Posts & Social Media; Newsletters; Product Labels; etc.
For Writers
Fiction, Nonfiction, Screenplays, Query Letters, Synopses & Outlines

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We are a team of dedicated, in-house editors with 50+ years' combined experience.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee both the quality of our services and that they will be delivered on time, every time. Learn more!


For every project, we must receive your deposit before we can begin work, and the total fee before we can return your edited document(s).

For projects of less than $50, and for flat-fee projects (e.g., personal statements), the total fee must be received up front.

For all other projects, a minimum 50% deposit is required, with the remainder due once we have finished our work.

25% 2nd Edit Discount

Want a second (or third or fourth ...) edit after making changes to your document? Great! We'll give you 25% off any second edit (excludes personal statements; applies to third, fourth, etc. edits on project types whose fee includes a free second edit (e.g., CV/resume).)

0% Financing

Want to finance your editing project? Try PayPal Credit. With it, those who qualify can receive 6 months of interest-free financing to pay for our services. Applying is easy, and once approved, you can use your PayPal Credit at checkout when submitting your project. Get started now with PayPal Credit.

Minimum Fee

We charge a minimum fee of $35.00 for all projects.

Reading Fee

A fee of 2¢ per word may apply to any documents you ask us to read in order to complete your project.

Style Guide Editing

A surcharge of 10% may apply to any documents you ask us to edit according to a specific style guide (e.g., APA) or to a journal's specific style requirements.


DLA Editors & Proofers rewards our clients for sending new clients to us.

If you refer a new client to us, we will credit your account with an amount equal to 10% of how much the referred client pays us. You can apply this credit toward the fees for your next submission. Simply ask the new client you're referring to mention your name in the Comments/Additional Instructions section of the Document Submission Form, and we will credit your account with the referral fee.

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