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Our clients are just like you—driven professionals set to achieve a vision, for themselves, their audience, their clients, or the companies or organizations they represent.

From securing lucrative publishing or production contracts to promoting industry-defining products and the people who create them, we share your same pursuit of excellence.


No problem. Our professional editors collectively possess 50+ years of brand-development experience. Whether it’s creating a style guide from scratch or revamping or simply refreshing one you have already, we’ll partner with you as we edit your documents and provide guidance on the right choices to make to achieve your brand voice.

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We have been thrilled with Terry and David's responsiveness, attentiveness, interest and dedication. The edits have helped us to accurately convey our culture and genuine caring for our clients. The edits were incredibly insightful and beyond our expectations.

Jane McWilliams, Phoenix, AZ

We love hearing your stories.


If you can imagine it, we can edit it, with the exception of poetry.

For writing professionals, we edit books, screenplays and short stories, and all documents supporting finding an agent, publisher or producer for your book, short story or screenplay.

For business professionals, we edit documents across the full range of business activities. This includes everything from press releases for marketing, employee guides for human resources and product guides for consumers to reports for stakeholders and RFQs to bid for new contracts.

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For Writing Professionals (Books, Screenplays and Short Stories)

We offer four editing and proofreading services for books, screenplays and short stories.

Manuscript Evaluation: Our professional Manuscript Evaluation service includes a positive, respectful read-through of your manuscript and in-depth feedback detailing its strengths and weaknesses, ways to improve its marketability and the level of editing required. It provides a big-picture guide for further developing your manuscript.

Developmental Editing: Our exceptional Developmental Editing service starts with a 30-minute consultation to get to know you as the author and your experiences, motivations, vision and timeline for your project. We follow this with a thorough, in-depth evaluation and macro-level edit of your manuscript, as well as a follow-up consultation, to help you achieve your vision.

Copyediting/Line Editing: Our detailed Copyediting/Line Editing service provides a line-by-line, micro-level edit to fine-tune your manuscript once all developmental issues in the manuscript have been addressed.

Proofreading: Once your manuscript has been through Developmental Editing and Copyediting/Line Editing, our Proofreading service identifies any last items needing correction before having your manuscript published or showing it to an agent, publisher or producer.

Writing Professionals (Query Letters, Synopses, etc.) & For Business Professionals

We offer three editing and proofreading services for business professionals and for query letters, synopses, etc. for writing professionals.

Editing & Feedback: This exceptional professional editing service provides a comprehensive, detailed edit and proofread of your document together with equally comprehensive, detailed feedback. The feedback identifies any item needing improvement that goes beyond the scope of editing, covering both writing and content.

Editing according to an in-house style guide and/or to a standard style guide (e.g., Chicago) is included with the Editing & Feedback service.

Editing: Our Editing service provides the same detailed editing and proofreading as our Editing & Feedback service, but without the comprehensive, detailed feedback.

Editing according to an in-house style guide and/or to a standard style guide (e.g., Chicago) is included with the Editing service.

Proofreading: Our Proofreading service provides professional proofreading only (e.g., spelling and typographical errors). It does not include editing or feedback.

Editing according to an in-house style guide and/or to a standard style guide (e.g., Chicago) is not included with the Proofreading service.

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For More Details ...

For writing professionals, select your project category on our Writers services page for a detailed list of what is covered under each of the above professional editing services for writers.

For business professionals, select your project category in the table below for a detailed list of what is covered under each of the above professional editing services for your project.


Depending on the project, our turnaround times are as fast as the next business day with Normal Delivery and the same business day with Rush Delivery.

We offer Normal Delivery, Express Delivery and Rush Delivery delivery options. The specific turnaround time for your project will depend on the editing service selected, the word count and the delivery option chosen.

Get Started to see the specific turnaround time for your project.


We edit in AP, APA, Chicago, MLA and Turabian styles. We also edit according to any in-house or institution-specific guidelines when those guidelines are provided.

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Yes! We guarantee that we will provide you with high-quality, affordable editing and proofreading services, and that we will finish our work by the due date and time we've promised.

If you find any errors in our work, we will happily provide you with a free second edit or proofread according to the original service and original instructions for the service. Requests for free second edits must be made within thirty (30) calendar days of project completion.

For AP, APA, Chicago, MLA and Turabian styles, we guarantee every proofreading and editing correction will adhere to the style requested and will be able to be supported with specific references to the requested style's manual.

See our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for additional details.


We've been in business since 2008.


Yes! For more on our free sample edit option, email us at (we'll get back to you the same or next business day) or chat with us during our regular business hours.

How Our Service Works

Step 1: Get Started

Whether you’re just looking for a free instant quote or are ready to purchase our services, start with Get Started, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

  1. Under Select Your Category, choose your category (e.g., Writers).

  2. Next, select your project type (e.g., Paper), service (e.g., Paper Editing & Feedback) and style guide (e.g., APA), if any (by default, we use Merriam-Webster Unabridged Style Guide).

  3. Now upload your file(s) to be edited, or enter your page or word count. Our quotes for fee and turnaround time are calculated based on word count.

    To get the most accurate quote, or to purchase a service, upload your file(s) to be edited. Your word count(s) will be automatically calculated and displayed next to your uploaded file(s).

    Alternatively, enter your word count or page count to get a quote.

    The page count option is good for getting a ballpark quote. It uses an estimated number of words per page (250), and so is less accurate than uploading your file or entering your word count.

  4. To finalize your quote, select from Normal Delivery, Express Delivery and Rush Delivery.

    Please note that the displayed turnaround times are calculated based on word count. To get the most accurate quote, make sure to upload your file(s) to be edited.

  5. Confirm your quote. To order the service, ensure you have uploaded at least one file to be edited, add any comments, enter a project nickname and click Add to Cart.

    Repeat the above for each service you wish to add to the cart.

Step 2: Check out

Once you have added all the services you wish to purchase to the cart in Step 1, proceed with clicking Checkout.

In the checkout process, you will:

  1. Log in to your account or create an account if you do not already have one.

  2. Enter your goals for the service(s) you are purchasing.

  3. Verify the delivery dates for the service(s) in your order. If you are purchasing multiple services, you can customize the order in which we complete them.

  4. Complete your payment for the deposit or total order amount. We accept credit/debit cards and PayPal. For corporate accounts, or to pay by wire transfer, please email us.

Step 3: Track Your Order in My Account

As soon as we receive your deposit, we will start working on your order. While we are working on your order, the status will display as In Progress in My Account.

Step 4: Receive Your Edited Document(s)

As soon as we have completed our editing, you will receive an email notification, and the status of your service will be updated in My Account. If there is a remainder due, your next step will be to pay it to receive your edited document(s).

Edited documents are released once the total fee for the service(s) in your order has been paid. Edited documents are both sent by email and made available for download directly from My Account.

The email containing your edited document(s) will provide the name and contact information of the editor who completed the service for you. It will provide a link to instructions on how to review our edits, including how to accept and reject track changes.

The email will also provide a link for submitting your edited document(s) for a discounted second edit, should you desire.

Editor name and contact information along with the second edit link will also be posted in My Account.

Step 5: Follow up With Any Questions

If after reviewing the edits made to your document you have questions about the editing, please contact your editor directly by email. You may expect to receive a response to your email within 1 business day.

If after following up with your editor, you still have questions your editor is unable to answer, feel free to email our editor in chief, David Lombardino.

Step 6: Leave Us a Review

We are passionate about helping you achieve your goals, and hope through our editing and answering any follow-up questions we will have helped you get one more step closer to doing so. We are proud of the work we do and would love it if you shared your honest experiences, positive or negative, for future clients to see.

We partner with TrustPilot, a third-party review service that sends email invitations to leave a review to all verified customers a few days following completion of the service. We hope that if you have any concern remaining when you receive this invitation, you reach out to us first so we can address your concern, prior to leaving a review.

Our goal is a five-star experience for every customer, and we look forward to achieving this for you.

For Writing Professionals
Select your project category for more Information.
For Business Professionals
Select your project category for more Information.


Need outsourced editing for your team or organization? Consider a business account. In addition to other benefits, our scalable solution offers:

  • Corporate Pricing
  • Customized Project Types
  • API Integration
  • Editing Directly in Your CMS

We Offer a
Scalable Solution

  • Group Employees and Contractors into Departments
  • Designate Profile Rights for Department Members
  • Manage Department-Level Payment Options
  • Post In-House Style Guides for Us to Follow

Outsource Your Editing
and Proofreading

  • Guaranteed Turnaround Times
  • Exceptional Editing
  • Direct Access to Our Team of Dedicated Editors
  • Volume Discounts, Starting at $500/month

Special Features
for Larger Accounts

  • Monthly Volume Discounts
  • Monthly Billing
  • API Integration Between Your Server and Ours
  • Direct Editing in Your Backend Content Management Software
  • Dedicated Project Submission Form

You are not just another customer, and your document is not just another manuscript. We take your work personally. Our editors are hand-picked, rigorously tested and dedicated to helping you succeed in achieving your vision.

Still have questions? See a list of our frequently asked questions or give us a call at 877-454-4957.

Got a dream to achieve?

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