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Benefits of Copy Editing vs Proofreading Services

Even the most knowledgeable authors with a strong gift for using the written word to express their ideas or tell stories may fall short when it comes to using accurate text and consistent style. Great writing has a good flow without fluctuations that interfere with the clarity of the message. It also has good grammar and spelling. If you aren't sure whether you need copy editing services or if a proofreading service is the better choice, your confusion may be due to a comparison that is much like that of apples and oranges.

Copy editing is often confused with other editing services because it means different things to different people. This is also the reason that people have trouble differentiating between copy editing and proofreading. In the past, copy editing was performed by an editor who marked up a manuscript, or original copy, before it was prepared for print. Today, this is performed using editing software like Microsoft Word. The process is one that addresses every area of the document or manuscript to ensure that it has smooth syntax, that the word choice and sentence structure are efficient and effective, and that the ideas the author is trying to express are consistent throughout the document. The copy editor will address any need for revision that will improve the quality of the writing.

A proofreader, on the other hand, checks the finished product. His or her job is to see if there are any proofreading errors that have been missed or caused during the previous steps in the process. He or she checks the minute details that can have a dramatic impact on the overall quality of the manuscript, such as the spelling, grammar and punctuation. At DLA Editors and Proofers, we offer a variety of proofreading and editing services so that you can choose the amount of help you need. We provide you with the corrections tracked on your manuscript so you know exactly what has been changed. No matter which level of editing or proofreading you require, you always get the high quality service you want without the high cost.

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