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Resolve to Spell Words Right in the New Year

What better way is there to start off 2014 than by gaining a mastery over your holiday season spelling and grammar? No matter how much technology advances, there is no more effective way to prevent unnecessary errors than by developing your own mastery of spelling and grammar. Start off 2014 the right way first by celebrating New Year’s Day instead of New Years Day. Without the possessive, it is not the January 1st holiday!

The new year is a great time to ramp up your professional image through correct grammar and spelling. Resolve to check emails to clients or memos for coworkers with fervor this year, because one simple error can undermine your entire message. By contrast, the proper spelling of a commonly misspelled word can set you apart for your knowledge and successful attention to detail.

Make 2014 the year when you let your intelligence shine through. Make sure you use the right form of a word. Let everyone know, for example, that on New Year’s Eve, a “ball” drops in New York City’s Time Square, not a “bawl” (which means a good, hard cry).

Work on your professional image and personal relationships in the New Year by paying close attention to your spelling and grammar. While this infographic does not have every word in the dictionary, it does have some of the key words you will see this holiday season, so that you can start off your New Year right.

Spell What You Mean, Mean What You Spell - New Year 2014
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