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Letters of Intent/Interest
Letters of Intent/Interest

Expert Letter of Intent/Interest Editing & Feedback Services

Whether for a master, PhD or other graduate or undergraduate program, nothing is more critical to the success of your application than how you craft your letter of intent or interest. You need a team of smart, admissions-focused professionals who can ensure your letter of intent or interest engages the review committee and distinguishes what makes you an appealing candidate.

Our expert editors:

  • Possess 50+ years’ combined application editing experience
  • Interview employers, program directors and admission committee members to know what they want—and don't want—to see in a letter of intent or interest
  • Are full-time employees of DLA (no freelancers)

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Letter of Intent/Interest Editing & Feedback

This exceptionally valuable service sets us apart. It includes all Letter of Intent/Interest Proofreading and adds in-depth editing along with detailed, objective feedback on issues that impact the success of your medical school application.

The in-depth editing covers:

  • Consistency, Engagement and Clarity of Your Descriptions
  • Voice, Style and Tone
  • Structure and Organization
  • Pacing and Flow
  • Syntax and Phrasing
  • Repetition and Redundancy
  • Advanced Word Choice (Connotation and Rhythm)

In our feedback, we will tell you what specific improvements to make related to:

  • Missing Information
  • Points of Confusion
  • Underdevelopment
  • Any Other Weaknesses
  • This service also includes a free 2nd edit.

Letter of Intent/Interest Proofreading

With this service, we identify and correct mistakes in basic English usage.

The proofreading covers:

  • Punctuation and Grammar
  • Spelling and Typographical Errors
  • Singular vs Plural
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
  • Verb Tense
  • Basic Word Choice (Denotation)

DLA Editors & Proofers provided a tremendous service to me as an author and as a client. Between the personal phone calls and the editor comments I received, I really felt they cared.

Michael M., Rockwall, TX

We love hearing your stories.

Letters of Intent/Interest

From the conciseness and clarity of your writing to ensuring it conveys your full passion for the path you are pursuing, we know what it means to get every detail right—and what it takes to make your letter of intent or interest excel in your application.

Still have questions? See a list of our frequently asked questions or give us a call at 877-454-4957.

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